European insurers that halved their solvency ratio in 2023

SFCR data of over 1,700 solo European insurers reveals the number of firms that shed over half their solvency ratio in the last year.

The analysis, conducted by Solvency II Wire Data, shows that 11 solo insurers in the sample had reduced their solvency ratio by more than half. The insurers span 8 countries, 5 were life insurers, 4 non life and 2 composite insurers.

Solo European insurers Solvency II ratio drop by more than half in 2023
SOURCE: Solvency II Wire Data

Three insurers reported a significant spike in their solvency ratio in 2022, which led to the drop in 2023.

Historic data dating to 2016 (where available) does not point to a clear downward trend in the value of the ratios, and none of the firms reported a consistent year on year drop across the range.

Two firms reported a drop of their solvency ratio below 100%.

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