SFCR 2023: 30 days on, 14 European insurers with SCR ratio below 120%

Analysis of the Solvency II ratios of 1,500 European insurance companies collected and processed by Solvency II Wire Data 30 days after the official publication date (7 April 2024) has identified 14 companies with Solvency II ratio at or below 120%.

The chart below shows the Solvency II ratios of 14 solo entities between 2016 – 2023.

In all but four of the companies the lowest reported ratio is in 2023.

However, only one company posted progressively lower ratios each year.

As can be seen from the chart below and interactive table in most cases ratios fluctuate over time.

Solo European insurers SCR ratio 120 2023 line chart

In 2017 27 companies were identified with Solvency II ratios below 100%, Insurance run-off and Solvency II, more firms sail close to the wind.

2023 Solvency II ratios across Europe

The chart below shows the distribution of 2023 Solvency II ratios of solos and groups by country relative to 2022.

1500 Solvency II ratios 2022 2023

Further analysis of 2023 SFCRs published by Solvency II Wire Data:

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Datasets available on Solvency II Wire Data

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    • Israel Economic Solvency Ratio Reports: all available data 2016 – 2022