SFCR 2023: LV= returns to tier 3 capital

LV= published its Solvency and Financial Condition Report early, following a trend of early reporting by European insurance groups this year.

LV= Solvency II ratio

The group has one of the more dynamic Solvency II ratios, rising and falling over the years between 135% (2016) to 229% (2019).

The 2023 ratio is 197% driven mostly by a sharp decrease in the SCR relative to unchanged eligible ownd funds to meet the SCR.

LV= drivers of SCR ratio 2016 2023
SOURCE: Solvency II Wire Data

LV= tier 3 capital eligible own funds

LV=’s tier 3 capital in 2023 is reported at GBP 25 million, this after several years where the group did not use any of the tier 3 capital allocation towards its Eligible Own Funds (EOF).

The SFCR explains that tier 3 capital represents the groups deferred tax assets.

LV= eligible own funds 2016 2023
SOURCE: Solvency II Wire Data

The company also published figures on the shift in Eligible own fund over the reporting period.

LV= changes in own funds reporting 2023
SOURCE: LV= 2023 SFCR, Solvency II Wire Data

Tier 3 EOF shifted from GBP 44 million to GBP 25 million between January and December 2023.

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