Solvency II Wire Data

Accurate and reliable Solvency II data for the European insurance sector

Solvency II Wire Data

Solvency II Wire Data is an insurance database of the Solvency II data, providing you with information about the European Insurance industry that has been meticulously scrutinised, validated and checked to provide significant insight into this sector.

Data from 3,200+ SFCRs and QRTs of European insurers can be accessed from one database and used to understand the market, identify competitors, shape organisational strategy and bring clarity.

This data is provided to you by Solvency II Wire – the experts in reporting and interpreting Solvency II across Europe.

Solvency II Wire Data users

Full text search and analysis of company climate disclosures​, including annual, TCFD and sustainability reports.

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Frequently asked questions

Solvency II Wire Data collects and processes all the available Solvency II public disclosures of both group and solo insurers subject to Solvency II.

The database contains QRT data for 3,200+ entities (2,800 solos and 350 group) for all the publicly available templates.

Solvency II Wire Data also extracts quantitative data from the SFCR reports.

Currently market sensitivity data and detailed SCR components (e.g. breakdown of market risk components) are available for selected companies.

The SCR component data is matched to the Standard Formula structure to allow easy comparison between standard formula and internal model firms.

Reports can be viewed in the QRT View, which shows the QRT data alongside the SFCR report for easy analysis and reference.

You can also compare two SFCRs and QRTs in the Side-by-Side View.

All the SFCRs are available in the SFCR List.

The SFCR Search function enables you to search the text of over 12,000+ SFCR reports.

Yes. We put very few restrictions on our data. We believe that once you purchase the data from us it is yours to use as you need it.*

*Some restrictions on the re-use of the data apply. Please see our T&C.

Solvency II Wire Data collects all the group structure information (as published in template S.32).

The data is matched to the solo entities available in the database for easy aggregation and calculation of group structure and analysis.

A Solvency II Wire Data Identifier code (SIIWD_ID) of both the group and solo are provided for easy pivot table matching.

Solvency II Wire Data conducts multiple data checks and validations at all stages of the process.

Collection: internal integrity of the data based primarily on the EIOPA taxonomy.

Upload: checks against historic data.

Publication: checks across the market and historical data.

The data is provided “as published” by the companies, which can lead to several issues.

Data availability and completeness

There is currently no mechanism to enforce the publication of the SFCRs and QRTs, which can lead to gaps in the coverage.

A common problem is that the SFCRs are published without QRTs, or with incomplete QRTs.

Errors at source

In some cases calculation of totals are wrong or missing. In addition, there are cases where the same cell has different values in other templates.

Unit amount mismatch

Although the QRTs should be reported in thousands, by far the most prevalent problem is caused when a different unit amount is used. There are also cases where the unit amount can vary between templates and sometimes even within templates.

Solvency II Wire Data has developed several mechanisms to identify edge cases of unit amount mismatch.

Poor quality reports

Some SFCRs are scanned and the quality of the scans varies, which could make it difficult to identify the correct numbers.

Solvency II Wire Data validates data across sectors and historically, which helps to greatly reduce these errors.

Fixing errors

Multiple validations and checks at different stages of the process ensure the dataset is reliable and accurate as published.

The nature of the Solvency II disclosures is that some errors can and do occur. When this happens, the data is fixed within 24 hours.

Exclusive focus on Solvency II data

Solvency II Wire is almost exclusively focused on Solvency II and has been delivering high quality and ground breaking information to the market since 2011.

We have leveraged this expertise to develop Solvency II Wire Data.

Pioneering and ground breaking thinking

We started developing the database in the summer of 2016, almost a year before the first SFCRs were published, this gave us extensive first-hand information not only on the reports but also on what our users want to do with the data.

For example, from the onset the data was organised and filtered using the QRT template structure.

We also introduced the idea of unlimited data export. Our strong belief that the data is yours once you purchase it from us, is at the core of our business model. It informs how we structure the system and how we make the data available to you.

Innovation, innovation, innovation

Being an independent organisation, innovation is not an option for us. It is a must!

Through our constant and ongoing dialogue with our users we have gained extensive understanding of what users want from the data and how that can be achieved, given the unique characteristics of the Solvency II public disclosures.

The SFCR Text Search and extraction of quantitative data from the SFCRs are two recent examples of how we are constantly looking for ways to deliver more value from the Solvency II reports.

No addons and no hidden costs

Solvency II Wire Data is focused on delivering Solvency II data to our users. This is our sole focus.

There are no additional services or hidden costs.

Our analysis is free to access via the articles in Solvency II Wire.

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