About Solvency II Wire

Solvency II Wire is a boutique Solvency II publication of free to access commentry and analysis from experts, analysts and regulators.

Solvency II Wire Data is an innovative insurance database of the SFCR data.

The site is committed to delivering original and reliable content exclusively focused on the directive. Publishing breaking news, detailed coverage of the political process and thought leadership on regulation, Solvency II Wire is an indispensable resource for those confronting the challenges of Solvency II.

Solvency II Wire features contributions from leading regulators in Europe as well as senior figures from the insurance industry, and is often used as a source of news by the national media.

The ground breaking written symposia on Look-through reporting and Long-Term Guarantees bring together industry experts, regulators and academics to debate the merits and complexities of aspects of the directive that are crucial not only for insurers but asset managers and data providers.

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Solvency II Wire is at the forefront of reporting on Solvency II political and regulatory developments.

Since its inception in 2011 the site has reported on the process from sources directly involved in the negotiations in Brussels and Frankfurt. As a credible and reliable source of information it helps insurers and firms affected by Solvency II in strategic planning and preparations at a time of uncertainty about the final shape of the rules.

Solvency II Wire has provided a steady stream of news from all parties in the three-way ‘trilogue’ negotiations despite the lack of official information. Stories include exclusives on the decision to conduct an assessment on the Long-term Guarantees measures, the European Commission’s proposal for a new implementation timeline and detailed explanation of the legislative process.

Solvency II Wire delivers technical clarity. The site tackles head-on some of the technically challenging areas of Solvency II including Look-through reporting, XBRL and Long-term Guarantees.

Solvency II Wire is an independent website owned and managed by Gideon Benari.