SFCR 2023: Solvency II template S.25.05 partial and full internal model reporting

One of the changes in the 2023 Solvency II reporting has been the introduction of template S.25.05, which replaces templates S.25.02 and S.25.03 for reporting details of the SCR risk modules for firms using partial and full internal model to calculate their Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR).

Solvency II Wire Data has extracted and analysed the QRT data of 100 European insurance groups and can reveal that to date 13 European insurance groups have published data using the new template S.25.05.

Template S2505 P/IM European insurance groups 2023
SOURCE: Solvency II Wire Data

According to the EIOPA insurance statistics in 2022 there were 33 European insurance groups that used a partial or full internal model.

Solvency II Wire Data has also extracted S.25.05 data for 128 solo entities.

At the time of publication, several groups had not yet published their 2023 SFCR.

To request a detailed report of the changes to the Solvency II QRT templates in 2023 click here.

Analysis of Group SFCRs 2023

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L&G solvency ratio down

ASR introduces tier 3 capital

LV= returns to tier 3 capital

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Drivers of Solvency II ratio change 7 European insurance groups 2022 – 2023

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