Solvency II News: Only half of UK insurers published their Solvency II SFCR to date (1/3 in Ireland)

[Ten days after the deadline for publishing solo Solvency II public disclosures, only 155 UK insurance firms have published their Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR).

Research conducted by Solvency II Wire – published on Solvency II Wire Data (premium) – reviewed the websites of 300 UK insurance firms subject to Solvency II and found SFCR reports for just over half.

The figure includes both solo and group entities and the Society of Lloyd’s (single reporting entity). Although the group reporting deadline is 30 June, a number of the larger groups published their SFCR early (see Solvency II Wire 23/5/2017).

Similar research covering the entire Irish market revealed that only about a third of companies (40 out of 128*) have published their SFCR. The full list of companies and links are available to free subscribers of Solvency II Wire Data. In both markets several groups have obtained a waiver from solo reporting to produce a single group SFCR only 12 have reported so far (see comments below).

* There are an additional 58 reinsurance firms that are subject to Solvency II.

  Solvency II Wire Data (premium) is collecting information for the entire European insurance industry. Figures are update on the site daily.

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