Solvency II News: ECB publishes “Unofficial reporting templates including ECB add-ons”

Solvency II QRTs integrating the ECB add-ons are now available on the ECB website. The “Unofficial reporting templates including ECB add-ons” highlight additional information that insurance undertakings will have to provide to the ECB as mandated by ECB regulation ECB/2014/50. While the majority of the information required by the ECB can be derived from the Solvency II QRTs there are about ten additional items of information that cannot be derived from them (the so-called ECB add-ons). EIOPA and the ECB have been working in close cooperation to integrate these items into the Solvency II QRTs. The files published by the ECB only include those templates containing the add-ons. The templates are based on the version of the QRTs released under the current consultation of Set 2 of Implementing Technical Standards by EIOPA (“Consultation paper on the proposal for draft Implementing Technical Standards on the templates for the submission of information to the supervisory authorities, 27 November 2014). The ECB website explains the status of the templates as follows: “These unofficial reporting templates are purely for illustrative purposes and are not subject to mandatory reporting across all Member States of the EU. The templates are called ‘unofficial’ to distinguish them from the reporting templates of the ITS. They will be updated in line with any future changes made to the ITS templates.” In January Solvency II Wire revealed extensive details of the ECB add-ons and their implications for insurance undertakings. The “Unofficial reporting templates including ECB add-ons” are available on the ECB website. — Get the latest news from regulators: Solvency II Regulatory Updates Feed To subscribe to the Solvency II Wire mailing list for free click here.]]>