Solvency II News: detailed list of Solvency II transposition status revealed

Solvency II Wire today (22 June 2015) publishes detailed information on the state of the transposition of the Solvency II Directive across the EU. The information reveals that while only eight Member States have transposed the Directive by the official deadline (31 March 2015), the majority are in advanced stages of transposition and expect the rules to be in place by 1 January 2016. In March this year published minutes of the Commission’s Expert Group on Banking, Payments and Insurance showed that only seven Member States were expected to have transposed the directive into national law by 31 March 2015. A further fifteenπen expected to complete the process during the second half of the year and six were unable to indicate a firm transposition date. The Solvency II Wire research provides detailed information on each Member State. Solvency II Wire surveyed 25 Member States with 20 answers coming from official sources – either the NCA or publications in the national official journal. Full details of individual Member States are available on the Solvency II interactive implementation map. — To subscribe to the Solvency II Wire mailing list for free click here.]]>