Emerging trends in European insurance – 2021 SFCRs

The Solvency II reporting disclosures, and specifically the SFCRs have become a bellwether for identifying emerging trends in European insurance.

Early analysis of the text of close to one third of the 2021 SFCRs appears to confirm the rise and importance of the climate related disclosures in the SFCRs.

The chart below shows the search results for a list of terms found in the SFCRs as a proportion of all searchable SFCRs for 2020 and 2021.

Emerging insurance trends – 2021 SFCRs

The figures are subject to change and may be influenced by factors such as language (only English was used in this search) and the weighting of each country. However, they do seem to point to some clear emerging trends.

While it is not surprising that interest in Brexit is waning, the rise of climate and net zero are striking, especially considering the low level of climate risk disclosures found in the 2020 SFCRs.

To date Solvency II Wire Data has collected and fully processed 700 of the 2021 SFCRs and QRTs.

700 SCR ratios 2021

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