Webinar: Climate risk management for insurers

Assessing benchmarking and emerging best practice in insurance climate risk reporting

24 November 11.00am (London)


Andrew Epsom, Insurance Client Solutions Director, Royal London Asset Management

Robert Chaplin, Partner at Slaughter and May

Gideon Benari, Editor, Solvency II Wire

Listen to the webinar

Insurers are under increasing pressure to enhance their climate risk management practices and provide appropriate public disclosures. However, for many insurers this is still work in progress, and they are having to rapidly evolve their processes to meet these requirements and with no one size fits all approach applying. 

To provide input into how the insurance market has been approaching this to date, RLAM together with Solvency II Wire have undertaken a benchmarking exercise of the practices of some of the largest and most sophisticated insurers. This potentially provides valuable insights into emerging best practices in climate risk management and disclosures, as well as valuable peer context for the wider insurance market. Against the backdrop of COP26, there has never been a more pertinent time for such analysis and discussion.

Join Andrew Epsom, Insurance Client Solutions Director at RLAM, and Solvency II Wire’s Editor & Founder, Gideon Benari, as they share their views on the findings of the analysis and what this may mean for the wider insurance market. They will be joined by Robert Chaplin, Partner at Slaughter and May, who will also be sharing his views on insurers’ emerging responsibilities in this critical area.