Look-through Symposium

Introduction to the Symposium

10 June 2012

Look-through reporting for assets under Solvency II is set to impact not only the relationship between insurers and supervisors but also that of insurers and asset managers. Over the coming weeks three experts will debate the effects of the look-through reporting requirements from the perspective of a regulator, an insurer and an asset manager. Gideon BenariGideon Benari
A regulator’s view

11 June 2012

Carlos Montalvo, Executive Director, EIOPA, sets out the perspective of the regulator. Carlos MontalvoCarlos Montalvo
An insurer's view

13 June 2012

Oliver Bäte, Chief Financial Office, Allianz SE, sets out the perspective of an insurer. Oliver Bäte
An asset manager’s view
15 June 2012
Dr Nathalie Aubry-Stacey, Director – Market Practice and Regulatory Policy Department, ICMA, sets out the perspective of an asset manager. Nathalie
Introductory note to the second round of the symposium

27 June 2012

The first iteration of the symposium laid out key concerns and challenges relating to the look-through reporting requirements, as well as explaining some the rationale behind them. Since publishing the first iteration of the symposium there have been two key developments affecting the reporting requirements. First, EIOPA published updated reporting guidelines and a response to the public consultation (9 July 2012). Second, the Omnibus II trialogue has not concluded as anticipated and will now continue after the summer.

Reporting continues to dominate the Solvency II preparations of firms and regulators. While the updated guidelines bring more clarity and a strong message of ‘get on with it’ from EIOPA, the uncertainty surrounding Omnibus II and its knock-on effect on the implementation date are a great worry. EIOPA also noted that the final scope of quarterly reporting could be affected by Omnibus II, though it is widely thought this effect will not be substantial.

The second iteration of the symposium launched today develops the themes explored in the first iteration. The publication of the updated guidelines has been timely and taken into account in the participant’s responses.

Gideon BenariGideon Benari
Regulator’s response

30 July 2012

Carlos MontalvoCarlos Montalvo
Insurer’s response

1 August 2012

Oliver Bäte
Asset manager’s response

3 August 2012


Look-through Symposium: related articles

Related articles offer additional commentary and technical details to the symposium Gideon BenariGideon Benari
Logistical and technical challenges for look-through reporting

9 August 2012

Solvency II look-through reporting will affect not only insurers and asset managers, but others in the complex information chain that leads from raw data in the fund to the individual cell in the reporting template. The TPA Solvency II Working Group, a group of fund administrators working with the Investment Management Association (IMA), offers its perspective on the logistical and technical challenges facing the industry. Chris Johnson
Processing data for look-through reporting

30 August 2010

Part of the difficulty of providing look-through reporting is the complexity involved in processing the fund data. The article describes the key stages needed to extract data from the investment vehicles and prepare it for Solvency II reporting. Josef Molvidsson

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