Solvency II News: “Omnibus 2 deal after 8 hours.”

A provisional agreement has been reached at the Omnibus II trilogue late last night (13 Nov 2013).  At 22.26 (GMT) Sharon Bowels MEP (‪@SharonBowlesMEP‪), Chair of ECON Committee tweeted: “Omnibus 2  deal after 8 hours.” About an hour later she tweeted: “Omnibus 2. Long term guarantees 65, 16, 30/35, parallel adjustment, asset replacement, capital add on and liquidity. Provisional equivalence”. ECON Committee Press (@EP_Economics) tweeted: “#SolvencyII 13 year wait over as negotiators strike provisional deal on EU rules for insurers. Final ok by all meps and countries now needed” See Lithuanian press release here. A press conference with Burhard Balz MEP is scheduled for 10.30 CET. Follow live here. — To subscribe to the Solvency II Wire mailing list for free click here.]]>