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The state of Solvency II

Will Solvency be applied evenly? The question is not will there be differences in how local regulators apply Solvency II, but how big will those differences be?

Winners and losers of a Solvency II delay

What will happen if your firms is not Solvency II ready on time? Hector Sants, Chief Executive Officer of the FSA answers the question at the ABI Biennial Conference. Others look at the implications of a delay in implementation.

Solvency II news: Deadline Delay Fever Special

The possible delay in implementation of Solvency II made the headlines on Monday. The FT reported that “one person familiar with the commission’s thinking confirmed that some delay was now likely.” News of a possible delay to full implementation was mentioned by Risk.Net earlier last week. “Deadline delay fever” may also be fuelled by two…

Solvency II: harmoniser or destroyer?

The principle of proportionality is essential for applying Solvency II to match the size and risk profile of the entity. Currently there is not enough guidance on how it will be applied, prompting many SMEs to ask: will Solvency II be a harmoniser or destroyer?

The pioneers in green – guest post

In this guest post, Allan Christian, author of the Governance Matters blog shares his thoughts on Solvency II in Ireland and reviews a presentation given by Matthew Elderfield, Deputy Governor (Financial Regulation) of the Central Bank of Ireland in May this year. Allan is quick to post insights and views on Solvency II. His richly…

Data challenges for Solvency II group supervision

Why group supervision? Solvency II introduces a holistic approach to group supervision. Group activity will be monitored at the highest level at which decisions about the group are being taken. EEA insurance groups will now have a single regulator for the entire group and will have the option of reporting at group level. This change…